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Doctor and Patient

Health Screens in Dental Practice

The role of a dental hygienist has evolved over the years. There is a much bigger emphasis on optimal health and prevention over reaction when it comes to treatment. With advances in our understanding of periodontal disease and how it is to be treated, it makes sense that we evolve our treatment processes too. The links between oral health and systemic health is becoming more and more abundantly clear and it will continue to do so as we move forward.


We need to get ahead of the curve and start doing more for you, our patient base. Understanding your general health within the scope of what we can screen for helps us achieve better treatment outcomes for you, while helping you maintain optimal overall health. Whether it be for implant cases, implant warranty, periodontitis or simply for oral health and prevention, screening is a great tool to add to our service list to better your general health.


Approximately 50% of the population visit a dental practitioner on a regular basis, but do not regularly see a medial practitioner. Is this the same for you?


The dental industry is so perfectly placed to screen for disease and catch systemic issues early. Not only can screening save more teeth by providing better treatment outcomes, but it could also save a life. If we detect any anomalies with your screening results, then we can refer you to health care providers who can diagnose and provide you with the right treatment.

You can BOOK NOW for a full health screen which costs £95 with access to your own health portal.


A full health screen includes:

  • Diabetes HbA1C test

  • Blood pressure 

  • Glucose

  • Cholesterol screen (HDL/LDL/Triglycerides)

  • BMI

Doctor's Visit

Blood Pressure test

Heart disease is a silent killer. 50% of the population go to the dental centre on a regular basis, but they don't access medical care regularly. We can screen and spot these things early and allow you to seek the right care. Periodontal disease is also linked with heart disease, so if we spot that you have abnormal blood pressure readings, it may also alert us to ensure you are getting the right health and dental care. Screening and identifying issues early means we can direct you to the right healthcare to prevent future issues arising, such as heart disease or heart attack.

Medical Team

Cholesterol screening

Getting your cholesterol levels checked regularly is important because high cholesterol increases your risk for heart disease and stroke. Knowing your cholesterol status allows you to take control of your health. If you have/have a family history of diabetes and heart disease, you should have your cholesterol checked very regularly. We check for HDL, LDL and Triglycerides, which all give an indication if there are fatty deposits likely to be in your arteries, putting you at risk of heart attack or stroke.

Man Doing Blood Test

Diabetes screening

Checking your HbAC1 should be an important part of placing implants. It ensures diabetes isn't a risk factor in its success. With links between diabetes and periodontal disease, it is also important we make sure we screen for this to eliminate it as a reason for disease progression. It's also common for people to have undiagnosed diabetes. Screening will help us recognise it and get you the right care early to reduce your risk of developing diabetes related health issues.

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