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Meet Claire Berry


Claire Berry has over 15 years experience as a registered dental hygienist and oral health expert in Leeds. She is a multi award winning dental hygienist, winning numerous industry awards for her dental career, such as the private dentistry awards, oral health awards and dentistry awards.

Her portfolio of articles about dentistry and oral health have been published in both industry and consumer press, as well as well-known consumer publications such as The Evening Standard, The Daily TelegraphBridal Magazine and PBL. She also sits on the editorial board for FMC's Clinical Dentistry magazine.

Claire Berry is a key opinion leader for Oral-B and she is a proud Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) Trainer for EMS. She lectures across the UK for the mentioned companies as well as others and she speaks at global event alongside blogging/vlogging for global companies.

Claire Berry co-founded the Contemporary Hygienist, a nationwide study club for contemporary clinicians across the UK. The team travel throughout the UK to provide support to colleagues in their profession, as well as providing online support and CPD training for their members. 

With a particular interest in systemic health and the oral health links, Claire Berry wants to spread awareness in her industry, as well as to the public, about the effects that things like diabetes and menopause have on oral health. 

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Contemporary Hygienist

Claire Berry co-founded the Contemporary Hygienist alongside Faye Donald. It was created to empower hygienists to work autonomously, increase their clinical confidence, unleash their ability to appreciate themselves as experts in systemic and oral health links and push our profession to new heights.

“a vision to empower hygienists” 

—  Claire & Faye

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