Tooth Whitening in Doncaster and Leeds

Tooth whitening is a popular treatment among men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Not only does whitening enhance your appearance, it also boosts your confidence and makes you look younger. 

Only registered dental practitioners can legally perform teeth whitening, so it's best to choose a professional like Claire Louise if you're looking for teeth whitening in Doncaster.

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At-Home Whitening
£250- £395
(depending on location)

Custom trays are made for you to do the treatment at home.


At-home whitening provides great results in 2 weeks (in most cases, some cases require longer treatment times).


This package includes an airpolish clean and stain removal to kick-start your whitening process. 


A consultation with Claire and GDP is included for your prescription of medical grade take home bleach.

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(Doncaster office only)

Following an airflow treatment, we'll make custom made mouth trays and conduct in-chair whitening while you sit back and watch a film right in our surgery.


This package includes a full consultation with Claire and the GDP so that you can take home a prescription of medical grade bleach and continue treatment after you leave the surgery.

While this treatment is several hours long, results are immediate, making it ideal for those who need white teeth fast.

Ask Claire

How do you remove stains on the teeth?

I initially dye the bacteria a different colour so I can see it. This allows me to guarentee I'll remove 100% of the thing that cases disease. I then remove all the bacterial biofilm using airflow polishes which use a very fine and gentle erythritol powder. I'll go on to use an ultrasonic scaler (a water scaler that vibrates) to remove stain and calculus (also known as tartar), from the teeth. Then airflow polishers again to remove the remaining stain and get the teeth looking the cleanest they have ever felt and looked. This can brighten them and make them appear lighter (but doesn't whiten teeth). You do not need to be registered as a patient at any of the practices I work at - you can see me directly. You will simply need to fill out a short form and medical history. The treatment doesn't take long and you'll walk away with a brighter and more confident smile. It's perfect before a wedding, holiday, the races or any event where you will need to be photo ready with a lovely smile.

How do you bleach and whiten teeth?

The only way to whiten teeth is to have a qualified dental professional carry out your professional tooth bleaching treatment. Only a dental professional (Dentist/Dental Hygienist/Dental Therapist) can bleach teeth legally. There are 2 options: in-chair bleaching using Phillips Zoom tooth bleaching, or having trays made that you can take home after being shown how to use the bleach safely. The second option does take longer, but both give great results. Book a consultation to see if you are eligible for this treatment.


Wow, my teeth look and feel amazing! I would highly recommend Claire. She made me feel at ease and did a wonderful job!

Claire is amazing! I've been to her a couple of times for lip fillers and I couldn't recommend anyone better.

Claire has taught me how to clean my teeth properly and help prevent further problems. I wish I had found her a long time ago!

Amy, Stain Removal

Lauren, Lips

Paula, Periodontal Treatment

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