Dental Hygiene
in Doncaster and Leeds

Sparkling Mouth Spa

A full mouth clean with a spa-like experience will make your mouth feel cleaner and healthier. Includes full assessment and oral cancer screening for piece of mind.


Smokers' Hygiene

Smoking can cause unsightly staining and increases the risk of gum disease. Remove staining painlessly while learning how to best look after your teeth and gums, which will help keep staining at bay. Includes full mouth assessment and oral cancer screening.


Children's Hygiene
(up to age 12)

Learn the skills to look after your child's oral hygiene at home, or let them learn directly from Claire when she teaches them how and why to clean effectively. Includes a scale and polish to get them kick-started with their new routine.



Stain and bacteria can accumulate very quickly and easily when you wear braces. Luckily, Claire can remove this with ease and show you how to clean better between the increased number of 'nooks and crannies' that come with having a brace. Includes a full mouth assessment and screening.


Advanced Gum

For patients with diagnosed Periodontitis or those worried about bleeding gums. A full periodontal assessment with an intensive but gentle deep cleaning treatment using the protocol Guided Biofilm Therapy and oral hygiene advice to make sure you know exactly what you need to do to control or stabilise your condition. This will include a long-term treatment plan to eventually get you onto a maintenance phase of treatment. 


Maintenance Phase Treatment

For patients who have had great outcomes from the active phase of advanced gum treatment. This treatment is more extensive but similar to the Sparkling Mouth Spa treatment to keep your mouth stable. Includes full assessment and screening at each visit. You will be moved onto this plan when everything is stable.



Wow, my teeth look and feel amazing! I would highly recommend Claire. She made me feel at ease and did a wonderful job!

Claire is amazing! I've been to her a couple of times for lip fillers and I couldn't recommend anyone better.

Claire has taught me how to clean my teeth properly and help prevent further problems. I wish I had found her a long time ago!

Amy, Stain Removal

Lauren, Lips

Paula, Periodontal Treatment

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