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This is the most dreaded part of facial aesthetics and rightly so.

A lot can go wrong with toxin and filler treatments, some events being catastrophic to the patient. It is enough to instill extreme anxiety in any injector. It is also why some injectors fail to continue down a path of facial aesthetics.

Imagine if you could harness this fear and use it to make sure you practice safely. This confidence will help you improve as an injector and help you control and handle any eventuality.

This Ebook is ideal for those wanting to increase their undertsanding and have a detailed knowledge of complications and complication management in facial aesthetics.

"Over confidence in aesthetics can lead to complacency. Complacency can lead to catastrophe. But contained confidence will make you a great injector. Contained confidence comes from understanding how to deal with any situation that arises"- Claire Louise (author of this Ebook series)

(*This complications ebook now includes video links with instructions on how to reconstitute Hyaluronidase).

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If you...


1) Lack confidence injecting

2) Want to learn from the experience of others

3) Get anxious about causing a complication or

4) Want to continue to learn to become a skilled LipXpert


Then this Ebook is for you.

Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy (including advanced toxin injections)

  • Ageing

  • Products

  • Techniques

  • Complications

  • Hyaluronidase

  • Treatment pathways

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