• Claire Louise

What is Juvederm Volite?

Clinicians in the aesthetic world are getting excited about a wonderful new hyaluronic acid product on the market aimed specifically at improving the skin condition rather than plumping. Just one treatment of Juvederm Volite can improve the texture, smoothness and elasticity of the skin, whilst improving the appearance of large pores and fine lines.

The product itself is a hyaluronic acid injectable treatment, similar to products used to plump and enhance lost volume in the face. However, this variation is designed to spread intradermally under the skin, meaning that it’s not an enhancement product like other dermal fillers. Instead, it spreads out under the skin to lay flat and smooth.

Think of it like this: hyaluronic acid is known for its hydrating qualities, so it’s a popular ingredient in facial creams and lotions. Juvederm Volite is almost like a facial moisturizer used underneath the skin instead of on top of it. Skin is hydrated from the inside, with effects lasting months later.

This exciting new treatment is from the new Vycross technology introduced by Juvederm, meaning that it’s highly cross linked and very long lasting. Studies have shown significant improvement to skin condition in just six months, while participants in the study reported further improvements could still be felt up to nine months after they were treated.

Juvederm Volite can be used on the face, hands, neck and décolletage to hide signs of ageing skin. The treatment is also ideal for people who have large pores, very fine lines, or skin that’s starting to lose elasticity.

Unfortunately, there is a point where this treatment isn’t suitable and traditional dermal fillers are needed to plump and replace lost volume instead. A consultation is needed before the treatment to ensure you’re a suitable candidate.

If you’re worried about going through with the treatment, Juvederm Volite has local anaesthetic as an ingredient, making the procedure extremely comfortable. However if you’re prone to pain and anxiety, a numbing cream can be used to further improve your comfort level.

Very slight redness may occur immediately after the procedure, which goes away quickly. Bruising is also possible, although chances of this are slim because the needle used to administer the product is extremely small. Above all else, only one procedure is needed to see the long-lasting effects shown in the studies.

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